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LBDSD offers the most comprehensive alcohol server and food safety training programs in South Dakota.

TAM ® (Techniques of Alcohol Management)

Nationally recognized as the leading program for responsible server training, Techniques of Alcohol

Management (TAM)® provides risk management tools that should be used by all licensees to control

the day-to-day operations of their business. TAM® training covers a wide variety of information in

these seminar topics:


Service and Selling Techniques:

TAM Formula – Assist customers in making responsible decisions about purchasing and

consumption. Handling Problem Situations: underage, intoxicated, secondary-party sales,

attempted after hours sales, theft of alcohol or tobacco.


Physical Effects of Alcohol:

How alcohol is absorbed, distributed and eliminated by the body. Recognize the signs of

intoxication and prevent illegal sales.


South Dakota Laws and Issues:

What laws do you need to be aware of? Supplement Policy Manual is available to assist

management with compliance issues.



Legal ID’s verses Illegal ID’s. Examples of altered, borrowed, forged and purchased ID’s. ID

checking guidelines for US driver’s licenses.


This program is offered in two different formats depending on your individual firm’s needs and circumstances:


    1. A class room setting in which participants attend three hours of training by a highly skilled instructor. This training is offered at centralized locations around the state [Click here to See Scheduled Classes and Register Online] These classes are usually attended by employees of many different firms. Another option using a classroom setting is to have one of your employees trained as a certified TAM® instructor and teach your staff in an in-house setting. Any lounge, casino, restaurant, convenience store, package liquor or grocery store can provide in-house training. This approach is more suitable for firms that have large numbers of employees, seasonal employees, or a large amount of staff turnover.

    1. Online classes. This is another method of in-house training using a computer to access the material at a time that is most convenient to the employee and the firm’s management. The tests must be taken in the presence of a proctor that is a TAM® certified instructor.

[Click here to sign up for TAM® as an Individual Staff Member or as a Business Owner]


After the successful completion of training and passing of a written exam by 75% or greater, the employee will receive certification valid for four years. This certification will reduce the fines assessed by the State of South Dakota as per SDCL 35-2-10.1.



Rserving is a leading provider of on-line and computer-based training and certification in the food service and hospitality industry. Rserving is partnering with the South Dakota Licensed Beverage Dealers to provide online food safety training across the State of South Dakota. Rserving’s online training has been approved by the South Dakota Department of Health.


If you want to learn more about Rserving and view the training we offer, visit


If you are a food manager who needs initial certification, click here to read about or sign up for our Food Safety Certification for Managers course. If you need to renew your Certified Food Manager license for South Dakota, click here.


If you are a food handler looking for food handler training, you can sign up for our food handler training course by clicking here. The food handler course is a method of meeting the demonstration of knowledge requirement for on-site employees.


 For more information on our educational training programs, contact the Licensed Beverage Dealers of South Dakota’s office and speak to the Executive Director, at 605-343-1844 or 800-721-1789 toll-free in South Dakota.



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